Blue Polo Interactive | Why Google+ is a must have for your business
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Why Google+ is a must have for your business

After the launch of Google+, it was Ok to be skeptical and no one would have judged you for not having a business or personal page.

No more.

Things have now changed to the point where  Google+ is a must have for any business.

In this post we’ll discuss a few points as to why G+ is so important plus other utilities and benefits of the social network.

1. All companies must register on Google+ to let Google know it exists. Why? Search engines have been for some time integrating social signals in their result pages. Once Bing decided to integrate the biggest social network in the world, Facebook, into its engine, then it was only a matter of time before Google – the largest SE – would follow suit by creating its own social network (G+) and giving more and more weight to its signals.

Eg if a potential consumer is signed in on Google through their G Mail account and decides to search for “new year resolution,” Google will present him results not based on natural rankings but based on what his friends and acquaintances in his circles have recommended.

2. Circles. When it comes to Circles, be creative. This is one of the main differentiating elements of Google+ and can become a crucial part of your strategy. On Google+ you have the ability to group your contacts and segment messages. You can think about circles as the ultimate targeting tool.

Let’s say you want to share content internally with your team, all you would need to do is create “The Team” circle.

When it comes to contacts external to your company, you can let them pick the circle they belong to. For example a restaurant could have “Dessert Lovers”, “The loyal”, “Drink Special lovers” and so on.

3. Talk to your audience. In December published the article “Key Digital Trends for 2013”. The article recognizes Content (Marketing) as (still being) the King.

Google+ should be your social network of choice when it comes to content. It is by far the most dynamic social network and lets you update content you have published, select the circles you want to share content with, and easily classify your post through hash tags.

Remember, the goal of Content Marketing is to provide value for your audience by sharing new or relevant content… NOT promotional content. You can seamlessly do this through your Circles.

So, as we see, a Google + business page is not just a branding or vanity play; it can also have a major impact on your organic rankings plus be a vital distribution tool for sharing content with your audience and customers.

If you don’t currently have a Google + page, can your company really afford not to in 2013?

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