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Using Youtube for Influencer Marketing


If you are the owner of a small or midsize business and want to promote your products to the right audience, then getting your brand on YouTube may be the solution for you. Attracting the attention of customers through entertaining and educational content is always a good idea. This is why TV worked so well over the years, we were engaged with the content and stuck around for the ads; YouTube works because it is real people we follow and trust.

Getting your brand in front of your audience on YouTube can be done in one of three ways: building your own channel, buying ads in videos through AdWords and partnering with YouTubers to promote your brand in their videos. This article addresses the last method.

The most important thing when using YouTube as a way to promote your brand is choosing what type of audience you want to reach. On YouTube’s platform, you can find all kinds of videos; among them, there are channels focused on all different topics. For example, if you want to promote a new pair of running shoes, you will want to choose a YouTuber whose channel is focused on sports, fitness or health.

After defining the audience you want to reach, you should start seeking potential YouTubers. To organize this, make a list of all the YouTubers that can address your audience’s needs, include how many subscribers and views this person typically receives, and copy their email addresses. You can find this type of information in the “About” section of their channel.

Things you might want to consider when choosing a YouTuber:

  •  The content is focused on your target audience’s needs
  •  The quality of the content is good (low content, regardless of audience, is not what you want to associate your brand with)
  •  Size of audience
  •  You also want to see how many videos the YouTuber posts on a daily/weekly basis and how many views they have on a regular video; this helps you determine how engaged their audience is.
  •  It’s important to note – YouTube channels with lower subscribers can still accrue many views. Why? Because YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine after only Google. So, it’s a content discovery channel too.


After you have a list of the YouTubers basic information, start contacting them and explain what you do and why they are a perfect fit for the job. The idea is, not only to see if they are willing to sponsor your brand, but also for you to build a relationship with them; getting to know more about a YouTubers channel, assessing if they have experience in past sponsorship campaigns or if there is a particular topic that they might do better on their channel that resonates with their audience.

If they are a fit, you can discuss pricing and terms with the influencers. Once you have an understanding of the details, select the influencer that best aligns within your budget. It is not necessarily true that having more YouTubers on the campaign will ultimately lead to larger reach. You can have one YouTuber with a really engaged audience that might double the views of two YouTubers together. This is something to keep in mind when choosing the influencers that will be recommending your brand.

After you identify the influencers whose voice aligns with your brand and mission, be really clear about specific requirements and expectations: let them know what points to focus on, any links she/he has to use, and the dates on which the video should be posted. If it’s a Vlog, request your plug early in the video so you get the most views possible.

In addition, they should send you the videos for approval before it goes live and, most importantly, she/he must add disclosure in the video that they were compensated for the opportunity. All of these requests should be signed by the YouTuber in a written agreement.

Getting a YouTuber on board for an influencer marketing campaign is a good idea if you want to expand the popularity of your brand at a relatively cost effective method of advertising. YouTubers will give the brand and its product credibility by including situations to which the target audience can relate.

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