Blue Polo Interactive | Tips For Managing Your Email Marketing Like A Pro
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Tips For Managing Your Email Marketing Like A Pro

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Everyone thought email marketing was dead. My generation – I’m Gen X – grew up with the earliest version and all of its inherent flaws, and got tired of it. Ignored it. Sent it to spam or unsubscribed.

Then came the Smartphone. And what’s the one thing we check over 1500 times per week? Not our pulse. Not our heart rate. Not even the clock.

Our Smartphones, that’s what.

And what’s synced to our phones? That’s right, email. It’s a sick, disgusting, time wasting habit but we honestly can’t help ourselves. We need to check!

Millennials, the demographic whose buying habits are still not set, are relatively new to this world. They’re not jaded by email 1.0. Therefore, if email has become sort of an afterthought, it’s time to think again.

Below are a few points to keep in mind when managing email marketing for your company.

Email list:  This will become one of your company’s most valuable assets if managed properly. If it’s an old list, and >90% of your subscribers are not responding to your messages, consider a re-engagement campaign.  When acquiring new subscribers, try and learn more about this person. If you’re running a paid media campaign, pass the variable of the advertisement through, eg if you’re a clothing company and running multiple ad sets of shoes and hats, then if person A clicks on the shoe ad, pass that information through so you know what messages to target him/her with. If a new subscriber comes from your site, send an automatic thank you and ask a few questions about this person with a form. The more you know, the more relevant content you can send and the more likely they are to become a paying customer.

Creative: The world has no patience for subpar creative. Step it up. This is your chance to win a customer. Customize your template if you use a service like Mail Chimp or Constant Contact. Make sure the images and text tell the story. Even if people don’t read they text they will remember the creative.

Measurement: Send users to a specific landing page and measure direct, attributable actions. Measuring gross profit is as easy as knowing revenue divided by COGS less the time it takes to create the creative.

Frequency: Find the right number for your audience. This will vary based on industry. Mailing once or twice per week is fine if you’re an eCommerce site, because with sales, new products, etc., you have more reason to mail. A restaurant, not as much. So know why your audience subscribes to your list and use it accordingly. Give the audience content of value and the sales will come.

Retarget: Incorporate this wonderful feature. Costs are relatively nominal and it’s so important since it usually takes ~7 times reaching prospective customers before they become one. Therefore, if prospective customer clicked to a product but didn’t buy, no problem; show them a targeted advertisement across the web or in their Facebook feed and earn that sale. Close the loop and repeat.

Email’s importance continues to rise. The name of the game has changed to massaging your list with relevant content along your audience’s journey vs spamming sales from yesteryear. And that’s a change for the better.

So, if you’re out of the game, there’s never been a better time to get back in.

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