Blue Polo Interactive | Three Myths Regarding Google’s Disavow Link Tool
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Three Myths Regarding Google’s Disavow Link Tool

Can the disavow link tool be used for negative SEO? 


The only way the disavow link tool could be used for negative SEO is if someone were to gain access to your Google Webmaster Tools account and started disavowing your high-quality links at will.

That said, there is no time better than now to check your Google Webmaster Tools permissions to ensure that no one has access to your account that shouldn’t.

In all reality, the disavow link tool is a defense against negative SEO. If you start seeing strange links coming in en masse, the disavow link tool now allows you to keep them out of Google’s evaluation of your backlink profile.

Is the disavow link tool Google’s way of identifying if I’m a link spammer?


If the majority of your backlink profile is made up of low-quality, there’s a great chance Google has already issued you an unnatural link warning and labeled you a spammer. Taking that into consideration, if you have received a warning and have begun getting rid of those low-quality links via the disavow link tool, why would Google discredit you for it?

By it’s very nature, the disavow link tool exists to enable you to shed that spammer label.

Note: In Google’s original announcement they stated, “If you haven’t gotten [an unnatural link warning via Google Webmaster Tools], this tool generally isn’t something you need to worry about it.” That said, if you haven’t received this warning, your best bet would be to steer clear of the tool for the time being.

Is the disavow link tool a crowd-sourced spam reporter?


The answer to this question depends entirely on how Google is dealing with the data provided by the disavow link tool. If Google is simply sitting on the data – which many suspect to be true – then no, the disavow link tool is not a crowd-sourced spam reporter.

However, even if that were the case, there’s no doubt that this queue of data would be incredibly valuable as a crowd-sourced spam reporter in the future.

All in all, there is a very vocal minority bemoaning the potential negative repercussions of the disavow link tool, going as far as disseminating the myths addressed above.

But, to think that Google would use the data from the disavow link tool to do anything more than punish those not playing by the rules is absurd.

Remember: It’s always those who got caught that are shouting the loudest after Google’s every move.

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