Blue Polo Interactive | The top 3 reasons why your company needs social media
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The top 3 reasons why your company needs social media

Nearly everybody uses social media nowadays. 

Most people connect with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google + and others to keep in touch with their friends, to follow the whereabouts of their favorite celebrities, to keep up to date about recent events or just to search for mindless entertainment.

Just how important is social media in today’s online-driven world for companies?

Well, over 90% of adult Americans that are online use social networks. And the number of both users and networks is growing.

So if you have a brand, and you have an interest in promoting it, you cannot ignore social media. It doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium or a large corporation, there are a number of excellent reasons why having a social media presence is of major importance for you and your company.

1. A strong social media presence allows you to reach a large number of customers directly  – anywhere in the world – and communicate with them in real-time. Why is this important?  When you’re connected with your consumers in such close fashion, it gives you a better understanding of their problems and needs, which allows you to address them in a timely fashion.

It’s also an excellent customer service tool; you will have quick and easy access to your customers’ feedback which will allow you to make  improvements to your products and services and potentially adjust strategy to align with what your customers’ desires.

2.  Being active on social media channels benefits your online reputation, raising your company’s goodwill and credibility in the eyes of prospective customers.

It creates brand awareness and brand name recognition so that people start to recognize your company, recommend your products and services to their friends and eventually consider it in their purchasing decisions.

3. Expanding your business through social media also creates affiliation with other business owners and influencers in your niche. There are thousands of other companies willing to share their advice, insights and stories.

This provides you the same opportunity to discuss current issues in your market and may bring high-quality referrals, which can result in a long-term partnership.

Creating new connections has never been easier due to an increasing accessibility of people, ideas and information.

These are the top three reasons why social media is very important for your business. The value of its presence in today’s world can not be overstated.

So, to quickly recap, an effective social media presence can create brand awareness, build brand affinity with your customers, connect you to your customers and other businesses and ultimately lead you to generate more revenue.

If you don’t currently have an active strategy, can you really afford not to?

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