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The Social Eye Goes Mobile – The Portal For Next Level SMB Marketing

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Think back to the last time you met someone with a flip phone. Remember how you felt? You may have told them, “Great job! I wish I could do that.” But inside, you were completely flabbergasted and dying to know how they managed daily living with such a relic.

And after trying to explain Snapchat to them… well, why bother? They’re already long gone in your distant past, just like that flip phone, because the next person over knew what you were talking about.

The social sphere is much the same inside your device as it is within the physical world; we’re all competitive over the latest goodies. When your colleagues talk about the new Apple iOS 7 and you don’t know about it yet, more than likely you’re feeling a bit bashful.

We watch what everyone else is doing and we want in. It’s human nature. Our third eye watches out for social trends and it knows we’re in the midst of a mobile revolution.

Vine knew all about this. When it launched in late 2012 it was available only for the iOS. They took full advantage of exclusivity, brewing up a jealous storm among people without an iSomething (it wouldn’t shock me if there was at least a small number of iPhone purchases just because of Vine).

Then, earlier this month, they did it. They opened their doors to the Android world and now they’re boasting more than 13 million users!

The people behind Vine were clearly aware that the mobile trend is rather a movement, and it’s a rather permanent one. This means mobile is an absolutely critical medium for a business to be a part of. It’s not only desktops and laptops anymore that you must concern yourself with; a lack of mobile presence is half of the market, gone.

The competitive spirit of “I’ve got the best stuff!” has now driven the demographic to the mobile device.

As a business, here are some mobile experiences to be wary of:

1. If the website isn’t loading fast enough on your phone, what do you do? You quit. You either hit the back button or quit out of your browser and play Sudoku instead. You’ve already lost interest within those 6 seconds. It’s not always a lack of patience either. A potential customer could be on the phone in line and the bus suddenly pulls up. If your website hasn’t loaded by then, tough luck!

2. How do people physically interact with their phones? (Usually) with their thumbs, of course! Imagine your website layout and imagine someone flipping up, down, side to side, and clicking on links with their thumbs. Does your website flow from top to bottom? If they’re constantly clicking on the wrong link because other links are spaced too closely, then you’ve lost their attention. They’ve moved on and are already playing Words With Friends.

3. What are the latest developments? Conduct QA’s for every update on Android, iOS, and the browsers your audience uses. Make sure your website is responsive web design. Responsive websites render properly across all devices and platforms, ie mobile, tablet and PC. This became even more crucial when Google announced this week that it will penalize websites that do not offer a good mobile experience.

4. What kinds of mobile social networks are your customers on? Find out and get on it too. People don’t think it’s a hassle; they think it’s fun to share! They drool over inside jokes. Kmart took advantage of the hashtag culture and created the #shipmypants campaign for its TV commercial spot. Twitter users found it hilarious (look up #shipmypants and witness the never-ending activity for yourself) and share-ability of the Kmart brand increased exponentially.

Where the customer goes, the business goes. Here’s one more reason if you needed another for why you should be there: Mobile Marketing Will Generate $400 Billion in Sales by 2015.”

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