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Old School Marketing Lessons From the Greatest Marketer on Earth Part 3

If you’ve followed me this far, you now know that increased site conversion rates depend on good marketing.  But good marketing doesn’t necessarily require web analytics or advanced technology.

P.T. Barnum managed to be an excellent marketer and he was working in the 19th century. Apply those principles to your own web marketing and you will see a rise in site conversion rates.

For example, in 1850 Barnum imported a Swedish opera singer named Jenny Lind to sing concerts in the United States.  Almost no one in the U.S. knew who she was.

Barnum didn’t care.

He knew that people liked music and that Lind was a good singer.  Her concerts were successful because Barnum gave the people what they wanted.

He made them happy.

Which brings us to the third marketing rule learned from Barnum:

3.  The noblest art is that of making others happy.
This is quite possibly the best marketing advice ever!  Your goal should be to make your customers’  lives just a little bit easier and better.  That will make them happy and loyal.  What can you do? You should definitely market the advantages of how your product makes doing everyday things easier.

But it’s not only the product that makes life easier for your customers; it’s everything, starting with making it easy for them to learn about and buy your products.

Keep Barnum’s advice in mind: make clients happy and they will buy from you.

  • Simplify the design of your home page – clean design and simple navigation trumps the latest and newest design features.  Parallax scrolling is nifty but only if it helps users navigate the site.  If your articles or product listings scale down and out of view with the turn of a scroll wheel, users will look elsewhere online.  New visual presentations can be cool, but the goal should always be on making customer and client navigation easy and intuitive.  Improve the usability of your site, give clients an easy experience, and they will reward you with loyalty and recommend it to others.
  •  Make your signup forms a single column with as few fields as possible – Don’t ask them to do any more than they have to!  Conversions come easier when the process is seamless.
  •  Be clear and upfront about your pricing – Your prices should be transparent and clear.  Many marketers want to hide final prices as long as possible and separate shipping costs, presenting them to the customer at the very last moment.  This is a bad idea. Customers prefer upfront sales.  It makes their experience easier, and assures them that your site is honest and forthcoming.  No one likes parting with their cash, but everyone hates feeling deceived.
  • Discount – People will spend more if they think they are saving some money.  If you have discounts, promote them with big eye-catching visuals.
  •  Be Reachable – Customers like putting a person behind the website.  Make sure you add a phone number.  It will reassure customers that if something goes wrong they can call and sort it out with a human being.  Also, by including chat while shopping with services like Olark, it helps handhold certain customers through the buying process.

Barnum said that every crowd has a silver lining.  You can’t get them to part with that silver unless they are happy enough with your site and its offerings. 

What are you doing to keep visitors happy so that you can reap the rewards?


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