Blue Polo Interactive | What You Need To Know About Instagram and Snapchat For Your Business
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What You Need To Know About Instagram and Snapchat For Your Business

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Instagram’s new feature confused the majority of us. Many don’t understand the difference between Snapchat and Instagram Stories, making it difficult for us to choose between one of these two when posting a video or photo, or when having to open both applications to post the same story. Although these two are really similar, they are not quite the same, here is why:

Instagram Stories are a series of photos or videos that will appear in your profile as soon as you share them. You may add a drawing of your own or write something if you like. Each video/photo have a maximum length of 10 seconds and they will auto-delete 24 hours after you post them. When seeing a person’s stories you can tap the screen to skip to the next photo or video, or swipe right or left to skip people’s stories and after you have seen someone’s story, they’ll be able to tell that you’ve seen it. Only your friends will be able to see your Instagram Stories, unless your profile is open to the public.

Snapchat and Instagram Stories are very similar:

  • They both have drawing and writing tools
  • You can see who has seen your story
  • Both share real-time photos or videos
  • Photos and videos have a maximum length of 10 seconds
  • Stories are deleted 24 hours after being posted


The difference between these two applications is mainly that Instagram’s first purpose is not for Stories; when you enter the application what you see first are photos or videos of the users you follow, or if you go to the newsfeed, pictures of random people that have their profile public. Instagram Stories is a small feature inside Instagram. The first thing that appears when entering Snapchat application is the camera ready for for you to take a picture.

Snapchat’s main purpose is managing stories and because of this, Snapchat is more advanced on this feature. Let’s not forget that Snapchat was the first application to use this idea. After Instagram launched this new feature many users rejected it and were calling Instagram “copy cat”.

Unlike Instagram Stories, you may send Snapchat snaps to a person in particular or if you prefer you can just add it to your timeline. This application also has filters with customization options that uses a 3D lens technology which maps your face, and allows the filter to recognize your facial expressions and movements. There are a variety of filters you can use and these tend to change so each week there may be new filters. There are also filters with geo-filters that shows the locations where you are at, or the weather. Companies are starting to take advantage of this by sponsoring a filter and customizing it for their brand.

For business, these two applications are really engaging. Brands may produce daily stories that will only last 24 hours. This is very useful when your brand wants to provide access to live events like exhibitions, music festivals, behind the scene content or product launches, and will give you the possibility to show your audience an authentic way of what’s going on at the event. In these matter, the difference between Snapchat and Instagram Stories is that Snapchat provides a more private content, only the people that follows your brand will see your stories, with Instagram everyone can see your content, unless you turn your profile private. An idea to be more engaging is to offer promo codes, discounts or to do a contest.img_4808

Also, unlike Instagram, with Snapchat you have the possibility to buy a geo-filter. This filter can help you increase brand awareness by reaching an audience geographically; you may choose a city, a neighborhood, or an specific location of your choice. This geo-filters are perfect to announce product launches, promote an event, or to support your brand. On the right, you can see an example of a geo-filter sponsored by Gatorade and Seven Eleven.

Both of these applications are very good for business it all depends on your brands needs. If you wish to reach an audience based on it location, the geo-filter it’s a really good choice. If not, it will depend on you preference between Snapchat or Instagram Stories, you could use one of these or even better, you can use both. Just remember that the more creative you get the more engaged your audience will be!

Please leave your comments below and tell us which one of these two applications do you prefer and why.

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