Blue Polo Interactive | How do you ensure your Website’s traffic turns into sales?
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How do you ensure your Website’s traffic turns into sales?

Do you find traffic leaving your site before purchasing a product or service? blue polo If so, you’re not in the minority.

Most Webmasters who sell products deal with the frustrating reality that a significant percentage of their traffic comes to the site but leaves un-monetized.

And if the Webmaster is also spending large marketing budgets to bring traffic to the site, it’s especially painful since money is going out but not coming in.

The question then becomes how can one sell to people who have looked at a product or service but left the site?

Re-targeting. That is how.

Whether you’ve heard of the term or not, you’ve likely experienced it.

For example, say you click on a Macy’s ad and enter the site looking for specials. While there, you look at the latest jackets, pants and watches on sale. However, you don’t make a purchase on this visit because you’re only perusing the latest deals.

Then, while looking up information about the Super Bowl on a football blog, you begin seeing ads for Macy’s next to the content.

But not just Macy’s ads. The EXACT jackets that you were looking at while on!

Initially, people get a little frightened and weirded out by this.

They begin to think “how do they know that I’ve been to Macy’s?”

In reality, you’ve just been re-targeted, and there’s nothing very scary about that. It’s a technology that allows companies to show ads to users who have been to a destination.

For the business owner or marketer, re-targeting provides a great opportunity to increase ROI. Re-targeting shows ads to users based off of recent data, taking the guesswork out of it.

But it gets even better.

These ads can be shown in a VERY cost effective way. The advent of Ad Exchanges and RTB (real-time bidding) makes purchasing remnant inventory extremely cheap relative to purchasing inventory direct (from Websites).

The cost savings can often amount to 60-80% less which creates a HUGE opportunity to generate ROI and increase sales, which is really the reason companies are spending marketing dollars in the 1st place, right?

Which brings me back to my initial question: Do you find traffic leaving your site before purchasing a product or service?

If so, it’s probably a good idea to make re-targeting a part of your future marketing plans.






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