Blue Polo Interactive | How Brands are Using Facebook Live to Market Their Company
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How Brands are Using Facebook Live to Market Their Company

Facebook Live is quickly demonstrating its effectiveness to engage and inspire their fans. This featured has open new opportunities to businesses since it’s a creative way to promote a brand at a cost effective method of advertisement.

Brands are starting to use Facebook Live in many ways: to inaugurate a new product, explain how a product is used, show an event while it’s held live or even to do a contest. It gives companies the possibility to promote their brand in a creative way, and the reason it’s so engaging is because the audience can interact with whom is making the video. Viewers can express their feelings by reacting or commenting at the same time the video is taking place, which means the transmitter can respond to comments live; this incentivizes viewers to participate and ask questions.

A good strategy when doing live videos is letting your audience know about upcoming videos, not only on Facebook but also in other social media such as blogs, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It’s simple and it will attract more viewers, since you are letting them know about the video in advance. A good way to do this is not only by telling people at what time and date you are going live, but also by giving a brief introduction about the video. Below you can see an example of how the NASA Earth reminded all viewers to tune up for their live show on August 30, 2016.



One of the top brands that uses this platform is Dunkin Donuts. This brand began using Facebook Live for business in February 2016 in Valentine’s day. In the video they show their Kitchen and offered couples the opportunity to win $10,000 for sharing the story of how their partner proposed to them.

Social Manager at Dunkin Donuts, Melanie Cohn said:

“During our first Facebook Live session, we garnered great engagement and thousands of views, comments and likes in just a matter of minutes. Within 13 minutes, we had 21,000 viewers, which proves the stickiness of live video and wanting to know what’s next.

We saw one of our highest average view times ever on our Live video compared to pre-recorded video. This demonstrates the stickiness of live video”

Due to its success, they made another Facebook Live video, which was featured by Dunkin Donuts manager, Rick Golden, who demonstrated a special recipe for donut cake from the kitchen at Dunkin Donuts corporate headquarters.

Benefit Cosmetics, is another brand known for its use in Facebook Live platform. They go live every Thursday with a show called Tipsy Tricks in were they demonstrate how to use Benefit products while giving useful tips. In the show Benefit broadcaster responds quickly to the audience questions and gives them the possibility to suggest relevant topics for next shows.

Another brand that used this platform is Chevrolet. They went live on January 2016, showing the inauguration event of Chevy’s new electric car. The video lasted 25-minute clip and had about 56,000 views and more than 800 comments.

This are examples of some companies that have used Facebook live to market their brand. It’s a simple way to do it and you get to see the results right away. Leave us some comments about how you used Facebook live to market your brand or an idea on how would you use it?

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