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Google Authorship and its advantages to your business!

Wouldn’t it be great if someone who is searching for one of your articles in Google also gets to see your profile picture appear right next to it? 

If you say YES, Google Authorship is here for you!

So what is Google Authorship?

It is a way to connect the content you create with your Google + profile. This makes it easier for searchers to find your work in the search results.

Here is how it looks:





In addition to this great feature, which inherently lends more trust to your work, what other advantages exist for your business by having Google authorship set up?

1) Increase the Visibility of Your Content

As highlighted in the examples, by verifying authorship which includes your Google+ profile picture, it will give your content excellent visibility. It also encourages searchers to click on your link for further details.

 2) Build Trust for Your Content

Setting up your profile to link to your content helps readers recognize the original source (as opposed to copy links). Google has always been focused on sending searchers to trusted sources, and authorship helps them to do this.

3) Add Extra Links to Your Content in Search Results
If a person spends a certain amount of time reading your article and then returns to the search results page by hitting the “back” button, Google will add three more links below the original article. For businesses, more visibility equals more page views, and potentially more options to turn that person into a customer or generate additional revenue if the content page is monetized by ads.

4) Centralize your work in a same location
When your Google authorship is verified, you can include links to all content that you have created. This will help searchers find your work easier and evaluate it.

5) Gain higher site ranking (via click-through rate) in search results
The more your content is exposed in search results, the more likely it will be clicked on. And one factor that Google’s algorithm places emphasis on is the click thru rate (CTR); more people clicking on a piece of content will result in it being featured higher in the results as it “tells” Google people are looking for it.

6) Eric Schmidt said you should

Well, not in so many words, but Google’s CEO publicly stated that information tied to verified results would be ranked higher.

How to verify your Google Authorship?

There are two options:

+ If you have an email address (such as [email protected]) on the same domain ( as your content, you can verify it here.

+ If you DON’T have an email address on the same domain, check it here (at option 2) for your verification.

After you’ve verified your Google authorship, you can check Structured Data Testing Tool to see if it works properly.

Be patient however as it might take a few days for it to be active in the search results, but once it’s there, it’s well worth it!

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