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European Granite and Marble is a large, exclusive importer and dealer of wholesale stone on the east coast. They work with countless partners such as interior designers, architects and fabricators who need to get a physical feel for some of their stones to understand where they will fit in their project. European offers these partners the capability to complete a request for their samples directly through their website.

The Problem

European Granite and Marble’s thriving business is quickly expanding and as a result they have added new locations as well as added new lines to their collection of product offering but their website has not kept the pace of development.

The product lines needed to be added in a timely fashion. Then there was the problem of the sample request forms which allow potential customers to request a small piece of the stone so they can better evaluate if the material is right for their project. Since this stone is typically purchased several slabs at a time, it is imperative that buyers feel reassured through a sample that the product will be right before they commit to a large order. Without being able to send samples, EGM was seriously constrained in how they were able to do business with potential customers who couldn’t visit a showroom.

Finally, European was acquiring new locations that had exclusivity on the product lines that were not listed – keeping these locations from maximizing their potential.

All of these changes were taking place while European was also updating their brand colors which also needed to be updated on the website.

To get the work done, EGM tapped Blue Polo’s development department.

The Solution

Blue Polo’s Drupal experts created new collections on the European site for each of the new lines and added an initial batch of products to them.

Blue Polo also created request forms on the site so European’s partners would be able to request samples directly from the site. These forms integrated into existing, meticulous workflows that European already had in place.

New Pages


The Results

European was ecstatic with Blue Polo Interactive’s professionalism and the timely manner with which the new pages were created. EGM now feels confident directing their partners to their site, knowing that it is up to date with new collections available for viewing. They also are rest assured knowing that if a partner likes what they see and has a prospective project, they can request a sample of the material right from the site, which will likely convert to slab sales for them.

The new Florim collection has received over 1,500 page views with many clicking further into the sample request form to set their project in motion.