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Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto – helping to make SEO less time consuming.

Software can save you.

Especially if you’re a web marketer overseeing SEO campaigns for businesses.

Your job is to help clients grow their organic traffic to increase actions on site. In order to do this, it requires implementing correct SEO strategies.

Here are some:

Software devlopers1. You have to create good internal content, and get good external sources that link back to you.

2. You must have an overall content marketing strategy aimed at accomplishing the goals and needs of the client.

3. You must monitor site traffic and make adjustments as usage trends indicate.

4. It’s important to do a certain amount of SEO auditing throughout to make sure that your link building is effective and on-site technically sound.

5. You should get your local clients on local business directories to drive even more traffic to their business, both online and offline.

6.  You should be repurposing content as infographics

7.  Monitoring and managing client reputations

The list goes on and on.  Obviously, you want to be as efficient as possible and some of these tasks take significant amounts of time.

So what to do? Enter programming. Did you know that you can create custom software to automate many of the repetitive tasks you frequently do?

Here is two examples of what you can automate:

1. For every blog post you create, you also create an infographic that gets posted to every infographic sharing site on the web. It’s great content, more potential touch points with clients and can generate excellent back links. Write software to input the infographic once and it will facilitate hundreds of submissions automatically. It makes a tedious process quick and easy. Isn’t technology great?

2. Use automation to find sites to develop content partnerships with. Locating a website in Google and then looking up its PageRank using PageRank Checker, traffic on, and contact information on the site is extremely time consuming. So make it easy. Systems exist or can be created to source every website that fits a certain keyword and will provide you with all of the above information in one fell swoop.

Use commercially available software that helps create tools to automate tasks.  Ubot Studio or ZennoPoster MP are just two examples of SEO automation software packages that can help you program tools to do repetitive tasks quickly. GroupHigh can help you source blogs.

ubot GUI

A word of caution: programming is complicated and should be done by someone who knows what he/she is doing.  There are a lot of ins and out to effective programming, so it pays to get a competent coder to do the work.  That being said, many web marketing firms feel that automation isn’t worth the time and cost.

They should think again.

It may take a month to build a tool that will then turn a tedious process into a very quick procedure.  But that will save you time and money in the long run.  A lot of it. If the program automates a procedure that you frequently do, the costs will be quickly outweighed by the savings in work and time.  Those savings can be significant and will free you up to focus on other areas of your marketing.

Also, if the code is good you can continue to adapt it to be more robust and thus get increasing value from it.  All in all, getting programs to automate your repetitive SEO tasks is a valuable tool to have at your disposal

What are you doing to increase efficiency in your SEO activities?

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