Blue Polo Interactive | Conversion Rate Optimization
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Conver Rate Optimization

Businesses allocate budget in order to drive more traffic to its Website. That traffic can come from everywhere: paid sources, search engines, blogs, social media, email, etc. The thought goes: more traffic equals more customers. Well, more of the right traffic equals more customers that is. But if your current conversion rate on the Website is low, how can you be certain that it is not the right traffic? What if there is an issue with the landing pages and more of your would be customers are going to your competitors as a result? So much money is allocated towards driving traffic to a Website that little thought is often given to whether the Website – analogous to your real-world store – is in an optimal form to convert that traffic.

The math is simple. If 1% of your traffic converts, then doubling your rate of conversion will grow revenue 100%. Think about that for a minute. You can either sink twice as much money into your marketing to try and double traffic to hit that number, or you can optimize your landing pages in order to convert more of what you already have.

The latter makes the most sense, yet few do surprisingly do it.

Customer LTV (Lifetime Value) depends on a person or company buying more than once from you. Customers buy from Websites that provide an easy, friendly, and painless experience. Most times it is not what you believe to be the optimal layout but rather what your customers believe this to be.

And that is where CRO comes into play.

Blue Polo Way

Our team brings decades of experience to the table managing paid and organic campaigns with an end goal in mind. There are a wealth of tools other than a free Google Analytics account to get a better handle of what is happening on your Website, and we leverage the latest technology and proprietary tools to ensure our client’s Websites are positioned for success.

Mutlivariate testing landing pages gives the data requisite data to ensure you don’t end up leaving money on the table.

So much time gets put into driving traffic to the Website and tweaking campaigns to ensure it is the right traffic that ultimately comes, but it’s equally important that the Website they find when they get there provides the best user experience possible. If it does, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.