Blue Polo Interactive | Building A Twitter For Your Business (Part 1)
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Building A Twitter For Your Business (Part 1)

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It is not uncommon nowadays to see businesses using Twitter as a core part of their social media strategy. Twitter’s intuitive and conversational style platform has enabled businesses around the world to stay connected with their customers. If you’re thinking about building a Twitter as a part of your business’s social strategy, look no further!

With these tips you will be on track to developing a strong presence for your business on Twitter. In this blog post we will cover Hashtags, Followers, and Hootsuite.

1) Hashtags


Hashtags are important when it comes down to finding the right people to grow your Twitter following, along with generating organic impressions (amount of people who saw your post), and engagement (ReTweets, Clicks, and Favorites). Therefore, it is important to conduct a hashtag search in determining the kind of content to create, and the amount of traffic to each kind of hashtag.

There are two ways to go about conducting hashtag searches to determine the type of content to post.

The first is through Twitter itself. This requires you to type in the hashtag in the search box in the upper right-hand corner (See Tip One of “Five Useful Ways Business Are Using Twitter”). This will give you insight on the top posts, live, Accounts, Photos, and Videos that are relevant to your specific hashtag.

hashtag search in twitter

The second is to use This useful tool will give you insight on the number of Tweets of a specific hashtag you searched for, along with relevant categories, top influencers and usage patterns.

hashtag search in hashtagify(dot)me


2) Followers

When you first start your business’s Twitter account, acquiring followers can be a daunting task, but it is relatively easy. Through a hashtag search, you can follow other users in bulk that mention “key” words that are relevant to your business. The key here is to follow other users in high volume; for instance if I follow 200 users in a day, it would be reasonable to expect between 20-50 followers by the end of the day. It’s ultimately a numbers game.

For example, if I own a doughnut shop it would a good idea to search for hashtags such as #donuts, #deserts, #coffee, etc, and then follow users who have these keywords in their posts, and/or bios in hopes that they would follow back.

If you have used this approach and the remaining amount of users haven’t followed back within 5 days, it is a good idea to unfollow them. Social bro is a useful tool that can help you accomplish this, it does a great job in organizing, and tracking those who follow and unfollow you.

Also using hashtags in your posts can help in acquiring followers since Twitter indexes popular hashtags to be searched by others.

3) Hootsuite


Hootsuite remains as an important tool for any company’s Twitter presence and strategy, as it allows you to schedule posts to go live on different dates and times in the future.

With this said, Hootsuite will eliminate the stress of having to be constantly going to your computer and sending out tweets. This is helpful if you are sending out between 3-5 tweets a day. You can auto-schedule tweets to optimize for engagement and impressions performance. Of course you don’t want to completely depend on this, as it can sometimes be inaccurate. Therefore, when scheduling posts it is important to look at the times of tweets (more on analytics in part 2) that have received some engagement and impressions, as these can provide insightful info on the best times for scheduling future tweets.

Stay tuned for part 2 to learn about the type of tweets to post, analytics and timing of posts!







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