Blue Polo Interactive | Best Super Bowl Ads: Our Team’s Picks
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Best Super Bowl Ads: Our Team’s Picks

There are many ways to look at Super Bowl XLVII.

If you are a football fan you will remember that the longest kick-return (109 yards) in its history occurred. If you tuned in only for Beyoncé you may remember that she made former Destiny’s Child members sing her hit “Single Ladies”.

And if you are an advertising geek, chances are that you are asking this question to everyone you know:

What was your favorite ad and why?

These are the answers that I collected from our team here at Blue Polo Interactive!

MichaelDodge Ram

I’ll go with the Ram Farmer ad. I believe that two of our most under appreciated workforces in this country are truck drivers and farmers. I’m glad to see the Ram ad offer a tribute to the farmers who work hard to put food on our table and all too frequently go unacknowledged.

Having an ad solely to acknowledge a group of people doesn’t sell trucks, but it creates an emotional link between the brand and consumers. It was a good message to a great audience who are in the target market of the product being offered. The ad reminded me of a cross between Anheuser Busch’s “Thank You” commercial from 2006 and the Chrysler “Detroit” ad from last year.


My favorite was the Skechers Cheetah commercial. I thought it was an incredible branding play as they seamlessly placed a man wearing Skechers running down a Cheetah (who was running down a Gazelle). It reminded me of a PBS special with an average guy in Skechers placed in it. The lasting impression that I took away is if I want to run faster, I need to be wearing Skechers shoes.

Francesca – Oreo

My favorite ad of the Super Bowl is not a TV commercial. Don’t get me wrong, there were good ads on TV but the one that blew me away was Oreo’s tweet after the power outage. Last night Twitter was the social battle ground for many brands and the clear winner is Oreo.

The social team was able to create and share original and topical content minutes after a completely unexpected event. The Digital Ad went viral and is now the center of a lively online conversation.

Great timing, great branding, and great PR.

Well done!

Lan – Taco Bell

I think this was one of the funniest commercials of the night. Funny and creative ads make customers remember the brand better and Taco Bell knows it! I also appreciate that they chose to represent a group of elders having fun instead of the much more predictable young and hip crowd.

Moreover, the choice of the Spanish version of Fun’s latest hit song “We are young” is a bold one!

Aharon – Coke

I’m a big fan and this year had some great contenders. One of the more interesting concepts were the Coca-Cola ads.  They consisted of a desert race in which cowboys, dromedaries, sci-fi bad-landers, and Vegas show girls raced to a large coke bottle in the desert.  Viewers were encouraged to log on to a website and vote for their favorite team.  

Coke would then air one of several pre-shot endings showing the team with the most votes to win the race.  Just one problem: Coke’s voting site went down intermittently throughout the first half.  

Too much site traffic?  As of this writing a definitive answer has not been provided.

Did you enjoy this year ads? Would you spend $4 million for 30 seconds in the Super Bowl? Let us know in the comment section! 

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