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All You Need To Know About Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a feature (releasoffice-605503_960_720ed in August 2015)  that allows you to stream videos instantly. With this feature you can add a filter to a video and send it to a person or a group, who can comment and react to the video.

Posting a video on a group will allow you to broadcast to just the people you want to see it. For example, you can create a fitness group and share your training, a cooking group and share everything about your new recipe, or if you are the kind of person that likes to discuss global conversations your can create a group and share your opinions on your preferred topics.

Otherwise, you can broadcast Facebook Live through your profile and reach a larger audience. The best of all is that your audience can interact with you and express their feelings by reacting or commenting live on the video.

One of the benefits of this feature is that as the video is shooting, you can see who and how many people are watching it, as well as their comments. Then when the video is over, it will automatically be saved in your timeline. From there, you can tweet it, insert it in your blog posts, or just delete it.

This feature also opens new opportunities for brands or businesses since you can use it as a cost effective method of marketing; because it’s live, you won’t have to edit the video, you’ll just post it as it is. You can share the launch of your new brand, service or product in real time and will know your audience’s reactions and opinions at the same time your video is live.

A really good example of a brand that uses this feature is Benefit. Author Laura Vanderkam says: “TV shows come on at certain times so people get in the habit of watching them. You can do the same with Facebook Live.”

Benefit posts a video every Thursday at 4:15 P.M called “Tipsy Tricks” in which they explain how to use Benefit products. With this feature customers have the opportunity to ask questions about specific products while the video is going live, suggest topics for the next show, and even give ideas for Benefit products.

Here are some tips you can use when using Facebook Live:

Grab your audience’s attention by writing a great description for your video.
Tell people ahead of time when you will be broadcasting your video so they can be prepared. In this link you can see a very good example on how to do this
Go live when you have a strong internet connection.
Be creative!

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