Blue Polo Interactive | 5 Ways to Effectively Repurpose Content (Part 2)
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5 Ways to Effectively Repurpose Content (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of the “Content Repurpose” series.

In my previous post I mentioned five reasons for repurposing content. If you missed Part 1, click here.

As previously mentioned,  it takes a lot of time to create quality, original content. But as a savvy marketer you should know that you can save tons of time & effort if you strategically re-use & repurpose content in a variety of ways.

It is evident from the image that there is practically an infinite number of ways to repurpose your content. You just need to choose the ways that suit your needs the most.

In this post I will list 5 ways to do so effectively:

1. Select the content:

A blog is generally the center of a corporate online marketing framework. Therefore, it makes sense to create this content first as a blog post or white paper before breaking it down into smaller pieces.

For example, a 700 word blog post can easily yield microblog content and / or several FB and Twitter posts. This helps in reaching the part of your audience that doesn’t prefer to consume content in bigger forms.

2. Turn a blog post into a Presentation:

A blog post is a great baseline for a presentation. As you create the presentation, try to capture the main topics from the post along with including backlinks to your company’s landing page and original blog post.

All that it takes is some tweaks in the language and summary of the post to reformat it into a presentation on a slideshow directory such as Slideshare.

But it gets better.

By connecting your Slideshare account to your LinkedIn & Facebook accounts, any new content that you publish will be automatically shared with your friends and connections on both social networks respectively. They can also be converted into PDF format and uploaded to document sharing sites like Scribd.

3. Embed the presentation on Microblogs:

Microblogs such as Tumblr are great platforms to embed your work in a form that is less than a blog post but greater than a Tweet. When you connect your Tumblr account to your Twitter account, the updates on Tumblr get updated on twitter.

Two potential audiences thanks to this great option!

The Twitter handle would tweet the headline and link so don’t forget to adjust the title accordingly.

4. Pin images to Pinterest:

Pinning images on Pinterest is a good way to reach a wider and different audience through another platform. Images with links to the original content from your Infographics, blog post or presentation, etc., can give a nice boost to your SEO efforts!

Slideshare also enables you to pin an entire presentation which viewers can scroll through.

5. Record a Podcast or make a YouTube Video:

Reading a 700-word blog post out loud should take around 5 minutes, which is the perfect length for a bite-sized podcast. Through this vehicle you can make a high-performing article available to a new audience attuned to audio.

Informational videos made by other brands in your niche can be a fabulous starting place for blog articles, and it might also boost your SEO.

Posts with videos can attract 300% more inbound links than simple text!

Apart from these five points there are several other ways to repurpose your content. Featuring customer testimonials as social media quotations, providing an RSS feed to prospective clients, summarizing webinars into blogposts, etc.

The possibilities are truly endless!

All you need to do is to think creative & dive deep into the world of content marketing and search for opportunities to repurpose.

Lastly, I have a question for you. With mobile screens becoming smaller and smaller, do you still feel that paid media (text links and display ads) will be the most effective way to promote your brand digitally?

We feel content is poised to become the new method of advertising. We’d love to hear what you think in the comments section.

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