Blue Polo Interactive | 5 reasons your company should be repurposing its content (Part 1)
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5 reasons your company should be repurposing its content (Part 1)

In the current age of digital media it is not enough to only have a website or a Facebook page. To gain visibility ahead of your competitors you need to have your brand spread out over the web efficiently.

So how can this be done if you don’t have the luxury of a F500 marketing budget at your disposal?

The answer is content repurposing. 

It may sound like a complicated term, but it’s not. Rather, it’s a simple yet very effective marketing tool for your SEO and content strategy.

Content Repurposing is the process of reformatting any existing content into a different format. An example would be turning a blog post into a PDF, video, or slideshow.

An obvious question that comes to mind is why would anyone recreate the same content that is already present? Wouldn’t that be a waste of time or at worse, duplicate content which is frowned upon in SEO?

The answer is no.

Considering the benefits it’s actually a small investment in time and efforts. In fact, it will take you even less time once you master the art.

Here are 5 reasons why you should be repurposing your content:

1. Wider audiences on different platforms

The major benefit of repurposing content is that you can reach different audiences on different platforms without having to create ‘original’ content for each platform. People have different choices for the kind of content they consume. Some like to read blogs whereas some prefer audio or video. With repurposed content you expand the reach of your content.

2. Old content; New audience

If you create content in any form for your audience on a regular basis the pressure to keep creating new content is big. In such a case, an old piece of content repurposed and shared on a different platform is new again. And if the content is really good, people will consume it multiple times and share it with their personal network as well.

3. Targeted Messaging

Content repurposing allows you to reshape the existing content according to the needs of your target audience. Eg the non-technical audience would like to consume the information in a very different manner than the audience with technical expertise. By repurposing content you can make it interesting and consumable for the desired type of audience.

4. Improved SEO

By putting your content on different platforms you increase the possibility of reaching a wider audience and other people curating your content. When your content gets syndicated or curated by someone the social signals are inbound links which impact your SEO. Search engine algorithms heavily weigh the freshness factor and engagement, so having repurposed content is a great way to deliver on both fronts.

5. Ability to collaborate

Content marketing works best when people from multiple departments contribute towards the content. Asking the team members to repurpose each other’s content can be a great idea as each person has a different perspective on it. Repurposing your content thus provides you with a chance to collaborate within a team.

As you can see, leveraging your content through repurposing can be a very powerful tool. What do you think about content repurposing?

Tell us in the comments section.

Do you use it today? Is it part of your SEO strategy?

There are variety of formats such as presentations, webinars and blogs to repurpose content. I will be discussing how to explore these various platforms in my next post.

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