Blue Polo Interactive | 3 Great Tools To Use for Your Business’s Twitter
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3 Great Tools To Use for Your Business’s Twitter

Whether you are new to Twitter or have experience in using it for your business, it is important to know the tools that are used alongside that will help you maintain and/or refine your strategy. In this post you will learn about three tools that will help you market your business on Twitter: Hootsuite, Social Bro and

1) Hootsuite:

If you haven’t started using Hootsuite for your business’s Twitter, there is no time like the present. For many who manage Twitter, Hootsuite is definitely a must-have tool since it enables users to schedule tweets to go live at any time during the day and in the future. The auto-scheduling feature is really great for scheduling Tweets based upon the times that Hootsuite thinks your Tweets will receive the most views (impressions) and engagement (favorites, clicks, retweets, etc). It also provides a helpful feature for shortening links so you don’t have to worry about going over the 140 character limit.

Want to know how many followers you have acquired so far? Hootsuite allows you to create reports that provide insights on the amount of followers you have acquired in a given period.

hootsuite analytics new

2) Social Bro:

Are you finding it difficult to pinpoint the users who don’t follow you back? Not a problem. Social Bro gets rid of the headache of having to go into Twitter to look for them. You can do this by going to the dashboard and clicking on the users who you follow. Once you are on this section, hold shift to highlight all the users you follow in red as this will prompt you with the option to unfollow them. Next you’ll want to unfollow those in red with the message, “Not Following You.”


Social Bro also gives you Tweet Anayltics on your tweets to help you understand their individual engagement and impression performance for a given time period. 

3) is really great whether you are just getting started on your business’s Twitter handle or your maintaining the current strategy by analyzing related hashtags and the conversations built around them. To illustrate this as an example, let’s pretend that we have an online food publication.   Search And Find The Best Twitter Hashtags   Free


In this case, the hashtag we would be looking up is “food” (shown in red), as shown in the image above. Around the food hashtag, there are relevant hashtags (“foodie”, “cooking”, “recipes”, etc), which provide helpful data on their popularity (helpful for determining which hashtags to use in your tweets) among users. To the right of the web diagram, you will see the “Top Recent Media” section, which details the most recent tweets with the word “food”.
Now that you have learned the uses of these tools, it is time to start implementing them into your business’s Twitter strategy.

Feel free to leave a comment below to share your experience using these tools.


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