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Paid advertising has become a necessity for driving leads and customer acquisition. Updates to Google’s algorithm have minimized potential from just organic (SEO) efforts and the new layout almost requires you to use Adwords to reach your customers on Google. But it’s not only Google you need to think about, the rise of online exchanges, real-time bidding, and re-targeting have made targeting audiences more efficient than at any point in history. Blue Polo Interactive brings decades of experience and success managing campaigns across all platforms and all spend types: CPM (cost per thousand), CPC (cost per click), CPL (cost per like), CPI (cost per install), etc.

The team will work with you to understand your goals and KPIs. The reasons to incorporate paid advertising into your strategy are different to each client. The types of media differ per client as well. We take the requisite time up front before providing the best solution to solve your problem.

Getting started

Your specialist creates your campaign from scratch or reworks what is currently in place to align with the new strategy. We create banners & landing pages (if needed), implement tracking pixels, and set view through cookies to understand how customers become customers, and the paths they take from first being introduced to your brand to taking an action.


The specialist sets up the campaign across each channel and optimizes with the target goal in mind throughout. Adjustments are made on the fly, based on the data from the campaign. The end result is a sound campaign that maximizes leads and customer acquisition.

Benefits of paid advertising

  1. Excellent vehicle to reach targeted audiences cross channel
  2. Media rates are very competitive
  3. Unprecedented targeting with new technology
  4. Drive prospective customers to your site or product
  5. Retarget users that are already familiar with your brand


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