Social Media Buying

What is Social Media Buying?

Social media buying is the process of buying native ad units to reach audiences online.

How is Social Media Ads purchased?

Primarily on a CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click) or CPL (cost per like). Costs are determined based on rates the publisher has set or the demand for individual impressions when bidding on social platforms.

Why Social Media buying?

Social Media buying presents a huge opportunity for companies today. It’s where the customer is! The ability to reach, target and engage audiences at scale has never been more affordable or exact thanks to the technological innovation of the past five years.

Why Blue Polo Interactive?

It can be extremely overwhelming trying to figure out how to get the most bang for your buck buying media on social platforms. There’s an infinite supply of available impressions and a number of variables to consider when managing a well-executed campaign.

We here at Blue Polo Interactive have deep expertise in technology, campaign and group set-up, know-how, optimization and execution. Our team brings decades of experience to the table and helps your business achieve its back-end goals leveraging technology and cost effective strategies.


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