Ecommerce Data Solutions:

As a business owner, you should be drowning in sales, not spreadsheets! Managing all of the data from vendor’s catalogs and getting it all into the right format to list on your site can become a full time job and then some.

Expanding your inventory should be an exciting time, not one spent managing an overwhelming amount of data that makes you wish you hadn’t started. Leave your data to the experts so you can be up and selling in record time.

Let Blue Polo Help With:

  • Migrating data from one platform to another, ranging from POS, Ecommerce, Multiple Channels, etc.
  • Organizing, standardizing and importing data from multiple vendor catalogs into your store POS or Ecommerce.
  • Matching products with vendor provided images on your web store.
  • Migrating content pages from one platform to another so you can keep retain all the benefits of your SEO efforts.
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