The Company:

Smart Deco Furniture ( is a company that makes eco -friendly furniture out of cardboard.

The Problem:

Smart Deco contacted us in May 2012 after they had integrated their Website using the Shopify e-Commerce platform. The company was not being found in the search engines for any of the core search phrases that aligned with their business and their only source of traffic was from Facebook referrals. The company also needed help customizing the design of their site so it had the look and feel of their vision.

The Solution:

Blue Polo Interactive’s first order of business was to put the Smart Deco site into order from a technical standpoint after the integration with Shopify. We made sure that all meta descriptions, alt image tags for products and URL structures were correct, and then optimized each page for proper keyword density once the homerun keyword terms were selected. Concurrently, our design team was hard at work incorporating the concepts that the Smart Deco team had for the layout and look of the site.  Once the site was in order, we proceeded with our link building methodology.

The Results:

Blue Polo Interactive increased organic traffic by 7810% after month 4 of the campaign. They grew from a paltry 58 unique organic visitors from the month prior to engaging BPi to 4,588 visitors by month 4. Traffic grew, and as a result of aligning Smart Deco with the right traffic for its business, sales grew too.

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