The Company:

Shazoot is a brand new social networking site that aims to help parents educate their children about safe social networking practices in a monitored environment.

The Problem:

Shazoot is at a very early stage. The original Website was built to talk to people already familiar with it. Therefore, it needed a lot of help both on-site and off-site so it could compete for non-branded terms and grow targeted traffic via the search engines. The company also wants to position itself as the definitive source for topics parents of young children will be interested in and engage with, but lacks a content strategy and writer. Lastly, it hopes to build a presence on Facebook and use this channel to grow its following plus introduce parents and their children to the service.

The Solution:

Shazoot engaged Blue Polo Interactive in May 2011 and selected us to increase its search engine traffic, build its Facebook presence and author its content section.

SEO: We first did an on-site audit to ensure the site was sound structurally, and then identified the core keyword terms and its variations to target for the campaign. We then incorporated these terms into the content of the site using SEO best practices. Once the on-site tech SEO was complete, we shifted our efforts to our link building methodology.

Content Strategy:  In month 1 we brought on a real mother of young children to author 20 pieces of content per month for Shazoot’s Parents Wrap section. This covered numerous topics including safe social networking, anti-bullying, kids’ nutrition, etc. and our strategy was to build a repository of great content on the subject that parents would look to for advice.

Facebook:  We built out a targeted Facebook media buying campaign reaching parents of young children using the granular data available on the social network. The campaign featured many different ads so we could see what the audience responded best to and give ourselves the best chance to achieve conversions at a low cost per. We then set up an ongoing content calendar to distribute engaging content to the company’s wall on its Facebook Fan Page.

The Results:

Shazoot Success

Shazoot’s monthly unique visitors increased 1260% by month 6 from 191 to 2,585! They are now receiving 280 new sign-ups per month at an $8 CPA which is down significantly from the $150 CPA prior to engaging Blue Polo Interactive.

The bounce rate dropped and time on site increased as the audience engaged with the 20 quality articles posted per month and used the service.

Lastly, the Facebook fan page grew from a handful of fans when we took over to 6,000+ as a result of our paid campaigns. The engagement numbers are very high which is beneficial to Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm as Fans interact with the content we post on its stream.

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