The Company:

Decorative Hardware Studio is a well-known destination for high-end interior designers and decorators.  Decorative Hardware Studio is well regarded by top designers, but they are always seeking new clients to work with.

The Problem:

Decorative Hardware Studio receives most of its traffic from users entering the URL directly into the browser or looking up brand terms in the search engines. They received only 110 visitors in the month of June 2011.

The company had minimal SEO work done in 2009 which helped them rank for two key search terms on the 2nd and 3rd pages of Google respectively. However, these terms have only a few hundred searches per month making it less likely that they will be found on these deeper pages.

DHS also wrote its own web copy for their audience, meaning that a lot of the core terms which they wish to align their business with are missing.

The Solution:

Decorative Hardware Studio enlisted the services of Blue Polo Interactive to execute an SEO campaign for the company. Blue Polo worked with the Web team to implement the on-page SEO portion (Meta descriptions, URL structure, etc) early on in month 1, and then moved towards selecting the right keyword terms. The focus was on the keywords which perfectly aligned with their offering and had desirable search volume. After this was agreed upon with the Executive Team, they were implemented onto the site with the correct keyword density per page. Once the on-site and technical SEO issues were resolved, Blue Polo began executing its highly effective link building strategy.

The Results:

Decorative Hardware Studio saw an impressive jump in rankings only 3 1/2 months into the campaign! By increasing their search engine ranking positions month after month, DHS noticed a massive upswing in traffic. The increase in monthly traffic was almost tenfold compared relative to the start of the campaign. As of six months into the campaign, DHS ranks on page one in Google for 100% of its search keywords, 15 in total!

Several of the keywords are in the #1 position.

In addition to the large spike in web traffic, the company experienced a significant upswing in call volume and orders.

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