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Blue Polo Interactive, a leading digital branding agency based in NYC has been ahead of the curve of digital marketing trends since inception. Founded in 2011 by two passionate digital media experts with an undying passion about technology and the space, Blue Polo Interactive is able to leverage the founders’ diverse and complementary skill sets to best serve its clients.

Prior to founding Blue Polo Interactive, Michael Pomposello helped brands generate profitable leads on the web by leveraging paid traffic sources such as pay-per-click search and social media advertisements. He also worked with brands to tell their story on the web through content marketing and digital PR campaigns. Mr. Pomposello has a deep technological background and was winner of the prestigious 8th Annual Forensics World C.S.I. Challenge at St Francis Prep during his senior year.

Prior to founding Blue Polo Interactive, Josh Satler founded a boutique style sales representation firm. Mr. Satler brought on large brands, including American Express, Xerox, AT&T SMB, Dell, Guitar Center and Full Sail and helped them generate measurable ROI through innovative display, content and paid search solutions for Business.com and Ultimate-Guitar.com. Both publishers are recognized leaders in their respective verticals.

Mr. Satler successfully built up the direct sales advertising channel in the US for Ultimate-Guitar before overseeing a smooth transition to the company’s new internal sales team. He helped Business.com during its transition after being acquired by Resource Nation and JMI Equity, winning major brands back for the company after a period of uncertainty. He was retained for another two years after the acquisition.  Prior to founding Satler Media, he worked at Vault.com and Verizon Wireless, consistently leading his division and team in sales at every level before venturing out on his own.



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